There’s been a lot of talk lately about how DJ-ing is easy and doesn’t take much in the way of talent. All DJs do is take what someone else has written and blend it with something else that someone else has written.

But, what’s not typically reported is all the other stuff that a DJ has to know in order to be good at DJ-ing. That’s what separates the cream from the rest.

A good DJ has to know some dance moves. One of the best ways to get people out on the dance floor is to get out there yourself and even teach guests a step or two.

A good DJ must be able to read the crowd. But, that’s easier said than done. It goes way beyond determining whether there are people on the dance floor or not. DJs have to know the songs populating Top 40 lists. But, more than that, they need to know when not to play Top 40. Pop music is full of songs that are immediately likeable. They’re formulated to sell to a large audience. But, they’re also easily forgettable. People tire of them really quickly.

So, you have to know when to switch to some old classics or new experimental stuff.

What are your tricks for winning the dance floor battle?

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