I want to say that I absolutely love this idea. Ok, I’ll say it: I absolutely love this technology!

McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands have launched a specially-designed placemat – the McTrax – that lets customers create music right there at the table while they’re eating.

The placemats are made with conductive ink. Place your phone in the center and, just like that, you’ve turned your placemat into a “full music production station.”

When, I’d like to really know, will it be coming to a McDonald’s near me?! Will the McTrax manage to lure me into a McDonald’s? Am I so easily conned by a marketing gimmick? Yes and yes!

This technology is a fabulous way of bringing DJing and the art of music creation to kids who might never have an opportunity to express themselves in that creative way on real equipment. Ostensibly, the technology is cheap enough to be turned into placemats. So, why not expand its availability to schools, libraries and any other area where kids are able to access it? I say boo to McDonald’s for limiting access to only those people who eat at its restaurants. Go ahead, McDonald’s, stamp your name all over the McTrax placemat, but make it more widely available.

Check it out and let me know what you think.