This one takes us right back to the question of what makes a real DJ. Now that’s a bit of a prickly issue to start a Monday with, isn’t it?

For those of you who insist that pre-planned DJ sets are not what DJs should be doing, you’re sitting on the “wrong” side of the argument … at least for now. Are you getting the sense that maybe there is no right or wrong answer with this one?

Anyway, Jauz recently revealed that he was planning an entirely pre-planned set for Lollapalooza. Then he forgot to transfer his set list to his USB drive, which meant that he actually had to perform completely live and on the fly. So, for all of you who’ve done anything similar, don’t feel bad. It happens to the best, too!

In any case in this article, Jauz and Laidback Luke do a little back and forth about whether real DJs should really be pre-planning anything.

Take a look, and let me know how much pre-planning you think is ok.