For most of us, DJing was a dream that came true later in life. In between work and family commitments, we filled nights and weekends with gigs. Eventually, we became good enough – and popular enough – to turn DJing into a full-time career.

But, what do you do if you’re a teenager or student at university and all you want to do is DJ? The answer should be simple enough. You should just go out and try to make it as a DJ. But, what if your parents are dead set against you doing that? It’s all well and fine as long as you’re DJing at friends’ parties. But to quit school to do it? No way!

Do you run away from home?

I hate to tell you this, but the smart thing to do is to stick around and listen to your parents. Go to school. Study something that will get you a job. In the meantime, practice DJing. Play gigs. Do as much learning as you can. If DJing is truly where you’re meant to be, you’ll get there no matter what. Along the way, learning about other subjects, like accounting or literature, will make you an even better DJ and business person. No learning is a waste. Soak it all up.

What’s your best advice?

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