If you’ve been following all the battle competitions or even competing in them, you might have noticed that the prize vault has been getting ever smaller. At one time, winning a competition would have meant walking away with top gear, prize money, and lots of other goodies that you’d be able to use to advance your career.

Now, DJs are wondering if entering competitions, like DMC or IDA, is really worth their time, trouble, and money. Once you’ve spent time and effort coming up with a killer routine, you then have to spend more time and money to cart yourself and your gear to wherever the competition is happening.

Say you win the whole battle. Sure, your ego is pumped. The time and effort you put into your routine has paid off. And your name is now more known than it was before. But, what do you actually walk away with – new gear that you wouldn’t have bought for yourself or loads of money?

Check out this DJ’s take on the situation as both a competitor and an organizer perspective.

What do you think of the dwindling prize pool for these competitions?