Every thursday we’ll be bringing back a helpful article from the DJTT archive. The article will be updated where necessary if any information is outdated. This article is from 2011.

My Macbook is a pretty powerful DJ laptop, but even that powerhouse has started taking a dump over the past 6 months. The problem is caused by 2 main culprits. First, more tracks every week means the 250 GB hard drive is always maxed out. Last, the system drive (HDD) is dragging its sorry butt and taking forever to process data.

The good news is that a close friend offered a clever way to solve both of those problems with one simple upgrade that costs anywhere from $250-$600. We would replace my CD/DVD drive with a 250 GB SSD drive (this would become my super fast system drive) and then swap out the old drive for a 750 GB HDD (3x the music space!) which would house all data. In today’s article, DJTT called up a professional IT specialist to show everyone how to perform the same mod yourself and super power any laptop into the ultimate DJ data machine.

2014 Update: If you have a Retina MacBook Pro or a Macbook Air, these models use different SSD drives so these steps won’t apply. You can purchase SSD’s for the Retina MacBook Pro here. However if you have a MacBook/MacBook Pro that’s uses a HDD and has a DVD/CD drive then this upgrade is for you.

Super Speed!

To really understand how much of an improvement an SSD can have on your computer, it’s best to see it in action. Check out the video below to see an SSD in action in a 2011 MacBook Pro.

Read the full article here and find out how you can improve your laptop speed. Stay tuned for more great articles that I will bring to you guys on the daily.