Truth time, guys. How much are you willing to pay for the new Technics SL-1200 turntable? How about $4000 each?

Don’t you think the coreless motor and high precision rotary positioning sensors are worth it? How many DJ gigs would you have to play before you paid one off?

So many questions. Here’s one more.

Do you think Panasonic might be juicing this one? Think about it. The original 1200 series turntables were revered. Everyone was sad to see them go. With their re-introduction, DJs are salivating, wanting badly to get their hands on them.

I just don’t think that the cost of the technology or the materials used in its manufacture add up to that much. I can’t help thinking that Panasonic is banking on a huge profit margin. Yes, you can argue that this is their product, and they have every right to charge what they want for it (or at least what the market will bear). Fair enough.

But as always, these situations come down to one question: how much is it worth to you?

Well, let me know. Are you ready and willing to pay $4000 for the privilege of owning one?