For those of you not familiar with some of the DJs that paved the way for us, Kool DJ AJ was one of those pioneers. Kool DJ AJ was Kurtis Blows DJ and was responsible for breaking Kurtis Blow’s record “Christmas Rappin'”

Kool DJ AJ is a New York native and not only did he work with Kurtis Blow in the 80s, he began his DJing career by being the DJ for Busy Bee. Yesterday Kurtis Blow broke the news of Kool DJ AJs death on his twitter, and shortly after many Hip Hop artist began to follow suit paying their respects. Below are some records that Kool DJ AJ was on and also the records that he helped break for Kurtis Blow.

Never forget all the DJs that came before us, do your research and learn about all the pioneers fam. You will begin to get a better respect for the DJ game. Make sure you continue to download all the hot tracks from the site and also reading all the hot DJ news on the blog.