So, this story is very relevant to me. I happened to be at a wedding this past weekend, and I couldn’t help breaking down what the DJ was doing right and wrong. It’s just something we do as DJs when we’re listening to other DJs, right?

Anyway, there were a few times when the DJ cleared the dance floor. I couldn’t figure out why he’d play something that was really hard to dance to.

Weddings are in a class of their own.

On the one hand, they’re really easy. Everyone is there to have a great time. People will dance like they just don’t care because they’re surrounded by friends and family. So, getting everyone onto the dance floor should be really easy. On the other hand, you’re faced with a roomful of people from different generations, different energy levels, and different tastes in music.

Hopefully, as the DJ, you’ve met with the bride and groom and worked out the kind of music that will work best for their crowd. Beyond that, there are two things you can do.

First, rely on your own experience reading the crowd.

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