DJing gigs, like a big birthday bash or a New Year’s Eve party or even a wedding, seem pretty straightforward. As long as you discuss music choices with your client and do the best you can during the event to keep both your client and your audience happy, then you’re good, right?

Well, not quite. There’s a lot more going on under the surface at every type of event you might DJ that isn’t necessarily obvious. The best advice I can give you when you’re about to take on a type of gig you’ve never done before is to try to find other DJs who have played those types of events before. Talk to them first. Make a note of all the tips and anecdotes they tell you. Those bits of information are what will help you perform even more professionally when the date of the gig comes around.

Let’s talk about weddings, for a moment. You’ve been hired to DJ the event. But, do you also need to brush up your wedding planner skills? Depending on your client, you might need to.

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