Photo: Getty Images/Jerod Harris; Design&Trend.com

Ty Dolla $ign just released a new mixtape in advance of his new creative work called Free TC that will be released November 13th. “Airplane Mode” is a really refreshing piece of music. If your ears are itching for something a little different, this sweet number is what they need. The staccato beginning conjures images of an airport with its erratic noises – engines revving, garbled voices over loudspeakers, people rushing by. That last image is the one that’s developed through the length of the song. Ty Dolla $ign builds on the idea of running from something (or in his case, from someone).

Underlying those lyrics, though, is solid instrumentation that speaks to what may have been Ty Dolla $ign’s musical influences. After all, his father was a member of Lakeside, a band that was known for hits featuring classic Funk and Boogie rhythms. “Airplane Mode” plays with our expectations, pure and simple. Classical orchestration moves into Rock beats before finally settling into a steady and emotional R&B feel.

Have a listen: