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Originally launched as the Mark one, the Hercules DJControl Inpulse Mk2 is an entry-level controller. We will talk about what the experts had to say about it, which should help you decide if this equipment is right for you.  

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 Mk2 review from February 2023: The easiest way to learn beatmixing?

Phil Morse, Digital DJ tips published his review of the Hercules DJ Control Impulse 300 Mk2 in February this year. He says for a controller at this level, this piece of equipment gives you the best of two worlds with software compatibility, include DJUCED and Serato Lite, and affordability. At only $199, it’s a great value for this beginning level. Moreover, the beat mixing tools are really nice. 

Morse wishes there had been an option to monitor it a mix on headphones. It makes it difficult for beginning DJs to work on their craft once everyone goes to bed without headphones mix from Q to master option. Instead, they will have to make do with “quiet speakers.”  

Remember: it’s a basic two channel software controller. However, Morse thinks it does have a few things that make it different:

  • Built in lights on the tempo controls and the jog wheels to help you beatmix
  • Outputs for your RCA’s, which takes your audio off to your speakers, and the computer input cable
  • Socket for future use
  • Headphone plug
  • Gain control and a three-band EQ
  • Headphones monitoring, including master monitoring and basic crossfader and up faders. Master meter and input meters
  • Two identical decks
  • Nice slow jog wheels
  • Light indicators that help you line up the beats, so DJs can learn manual beat mixing
  • Standard looping controls
  • Slip mode performance feature which is great for beginners to try some tricks
  • One-color pads but with all the pad modes, making it possible to have things like sampler and loop and slicer and hot cues and other things dialed in 

However, it is important to remember that this is an entry-level controller. Morse points out that you shouldn’t expect the audio quality performance you get from a $5,000 piece of DJ equipment out of one that costs $200. In his YouTube Review, he says, “It’ll do perfectly for parties and for practicing and everything that you’d expect a controller like this to do.”

Greg Scarth, JunoDaily Review from March 2023: An Excellent Option for Anyone Wanting to Learn How to DJ

Greg Scarth on JunoDaily posted his review a few weeks ago. Like Morse, he agrees that there are quite a few improvements throughout the Mk2 over the Mk1. He describes it as a reworking of the original Inpulse 300 DJ controller with changes and improvements all over, from the jog wheels to the new LED level meters in the mixer section. 

For example, Scarth notes how the four performance pads per deck on the original version have been upgraded to eight each. He also likes how the controller is easy to set up by connecting it to a computer, plugging in headphones and suitable speakers, and selecting software – either DJUCED or Serato DJ Lite, both included. Moreover, the controller has a positive feel to all of the controls, responsive jog wheels, and a good spacing to the most frequently used controls, such as the three-band EQ in the mixer section and the filter knobs below.

Scarth says the Inpulse 300 has several selling points that set it apart from other controllers in its price range. When selecting tracks, the controller’s Assistant button can activate DJUCED’s Intelligent Music Assistant to refine music selection based on the track currently playing’s BPM, key, and energy. The rotary knob changes the color of a multi-colored backlit ring behind it, allowing the user to adjust the energy level. Like Morse, he likes that by activating mixing assistance is as easy as hitting the Beatmatch Guide button. This feature is excellent for showing users which direction to adjust the tempo and which way to nudge the jog wheel, helping them learn to beatmatch and mix tracks.

The improvements over the MK1 model are substantial here, especially with the increased options provided by eight performance pads per deck. However, owners of the MK1 model may be more tempted to upgrade to a mid-range controller rather than making the step to the MK2. The MK2 will most likely appeal to complete newcomers to DJing. 

However, Scarth says, in that respect, the Mk2 hits the mark perfectly. Overall, the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 MK2 is a solidly built little unit with a nice feel to the controls and a logical layout. While Hercules may not be as well-known as other DJ brands like Pioneer or Denon, learning to DJ on this controller will easily allow the user to transfer their skills to other hardware.

BRAND NEW Hercules Inpulse 300 MK2 In Stock Now! Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 MK2 Overview

Digital DJ Gear also had great things to say about the Mk2, for what it is intended to do, of course. 

Keith from Digital DJ Gear, and Musically Yours in Hackensack, NJ, explains that one of the most significant features of this controller is the software upgrade. The ability to use the controller with Serato DJ is great for when beginners are ready to upgrade to more professional equipment. Keith says this controller’s two channel USB DJ controller is perfect for someone who needs an entry level DJ controller that will help them learn how to beat, match, and mix the impulse.

The 300 MK2 features Hercules Intelligent Music assistant that will actually suggest tracks out of your library to play. Also, this feature also works for DJs that use the music streaming services Beatport link and BeatSource link. He also likes how the platters are super smooth. 

In addition, the Mk2 is super light. Travelling DJs can take it anywhere without a lot of fuss. 

Overall, DJ Digital Gear’s review is very impressed with the Mk2. Keith calls it a good overall solid entry-level DJ controller. 

Don’t forget this is an entry level controller.  So, yes, it’s plastic. Yes, the buttons have louder clicks than higher end controllers. However, it also retails for $199, so this is an accessible way to start learning how to DJ. 

There you have it. Three different reviews of the Mk2 and all it can do for you. What would you add? Put your reviews in the comments below. 


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