You have to be thankful for a company like Gemini. They don’t necessarily rank at the top of the list when it comes to companies that produce primo DJ equipment. But, it does fulfill a need.

The company is very good at producing equipment that does a more than acceptable job at budget prices. The latest offering is no different.

The Gemini MAS-1 is a MIDI controller that is designed for Ableton Live’s clip-based performance software. This controller may not be the slickest piece of equipment on the market today. But, it excels at doing what it’s been designed to do.


  • 4 channel mixer, with full EQ and 100mm channel faders
  • 45mm crossfader
  • full clip control
  • BPM control via bend buttons, tap BPM, or input knob
  • full looping control

The Gemini MAS-1 retails for $299 and will be available in the spring of this year. Read more about it here.