This piece of hardware is most definitely a thing of beauty. I can’t wait till we get our hands on one in our Mymp3pool offices. Until then, DJ Worx did a full first look review on the Rane MP2015. Check out everything you need to know on this mixer below.

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If you’ve been following their social media channels, recent articles about Rane’s legacy of mixers (specifically the now legendary MP2016 and its signal processor counterpart, the XP2016) posted only a few days before NAMM were more than just a subtle hint. Clearly, something was about to happen – but nobody was really prepared for the arrival of the MP2015 and the impact that it would have. There was no elaborate teaser campaign, no showcase video for us to take apart frame-by-frame.

Instead, what happened was what I want all trade show announcements to be: a complete surprise. If you remember our team retrospective of 2014, this is one of the things that really annoyed me personally (why do we even go to trade shows when our readers know everything in advance?), so starting off 2015 with a moment like this felt great.

All of a sudden, the info was out there, and all the well-deserved buzz was generated by the DJ community alone – this is how it should be done, industry people take note!


Rane MP2015: The Beauty in the Beast

Being at NAMM early gave me the opportunity to take some detailed shots of the unit for you to drool over – but more importantly, I’ve had plenty of hands-on time which I’ll do my best to turn into words here. Experiencing the MP2015 begins with trying to handle its sheer presence, and if you’ve seen some of the comments on the official press release when it made its way though social media, you know I’m not kidding. A lot of people including myself had nothing to say except:

“Damn… there’s something about this that somehow makes me want to DJ“

…and that was just the pictures. Standing in front of this monster is a whole different story. Even though my performance style consists mostly of slamming faders and pushing buttons, I’ve had a secret love affair with the Empath rotary ever since I first played on one – therefore, putting it simply, the MP2015 gives me goosebumps. It’s as sexy as an inanimate object can ever be to a nerd (hint: very sexy). The knobs, the switches, the buttons, the knobs, the LED level meters – did I mention the knobs? It has laser-engraved wooden side panels, too, and the layout of the controls flows together beautifully. Again, I’m not exaggerating for the sake of being funny or anything – it’s just that awesome. It makes me want to dust off some records that haven’t really received the love they deserve in years — and then it makes we want to use it to play my live sets on.


To be honest, you would just have to get this piece of equipment in your own hands and just play with it. DJ Worx did a wonderful first look and to continue to read on the Rane MP2015 just follow the link.