Barely 19, Tina Turnbull sat in the back of a music booth watching the local disc jockey work his magic on the dance floor.

“He was like a puppeteer,” she recalls. “He would tell me he could make a certain group of girls come to the dance floor. He would put on a song and sure enough they would come. It was fascinating to watch.”

Turnbull wasn’t supposed to be in the club because she was underage, but as long as she kept to the booth, she could stay.

But honestly, she didn’t want to move. She was hypnotized watching and learning from the DJ.

“I was addicted,” she says. “He put on the Mary J. Blige song ‘Family Affair,’ which was popular at the time, and everyone came to the dance floor. I wanted to do that. I wanted to be the DJ that got everyone to the dance floor every time.”

DJ Tina was born.

In Las Vegas, there is no lack of clubs or DJs to check out.

But as Turnbull’s mother pointed out to her the other day, women aren’t featured at the same rate as men in the clubs.

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How are your feelings when it comes to female DJs? I think this article brought up some good points, and there are some good female DJs out there, but when it comes to having a fair shot what do you think the issue is?