I’ve written a lot here about what it takes to be a DJ. It’s not easy. It does take a certain amount of talent, sensitivity and practice in order to move a crowd.

Rule #1 – you have to understand your audience. Playing 100% EDM at a hip hop convention isn’t going to win you any fans, nor is playing a full list of dirty versions of popular songs at an all ages or family-themed event. Some DJs will specialize and focus on only certain types of gigs. But, if you’re playlist is long and varied, then you’re able to expand your opportunities by playing a wide variety of gigs.

So, you find you have an extensive music collection, one that contains hits from all kinds of genres. Great. The phone rings, and after a short back-and-forth, you find you’ve been hired to spin some hits at a club. Awesome. How do you choose what goes on your playlist?

Remember Rule #1 above? Yup. In this case, your audience wants house music. Now you need to know what it takes to build the right playlist for your audience, how to work the audience till it’s putty in the palm of your hand, and maybe you’d even appreciate picking up some new house DJ-ing tricks.

Our friends at Spin Academy have put together a neat little list of tips and tricks that will help you create an unforgettable experience.

Check it out here.