dj arch jr

Remember DJ Arch Jr? He was the 3 year old South African boy who won the South Africa’s Got Talent competition. At the time, he may not have been the wealthiest toddler in the world. No doubt a child of a Saudi prince holds that honor. But Arch did toddle away with $35,000. Not bad.

The latest is that DJ Arch Jr is booked to play at the Back To The Old Skool concert in Johannesburg on February 27th.

So, what’s the deal here? Yes, there are child prodigies out there. There always have been.

But, Arch isn’t the only one. I’ve been reading about a lot of festivals that are featuring child DJs. What’s really going on here? Maybe there are a slew of super talented kids. Or maybe this is some kind of youth cult. You know, if we focus on the kids, we can forget about the fact that we’re all getting older. Most likely, and yes perhaps cynically, I think it’s all about money. Kids are cute, and if they have a modicum of talent, adults will fall over themselves to pay to see them. And not just adults. Teens, ok teen girls especially love cuteness.

If you haven’t noticed, teens have a lot of money to spend on entertainment. Oops, there’s that “money” word again. Am I being too harsh? I just hope that the kids aren’t being exploited, and are given the chance to explore their own musical preferences as they grow up.