Everyone’s probably heard by now the newest innovation coming out of Apple’s genius rooms. The upcoming iPhone7 will feature a lack of a headphone jack. That’s right. There will be no jack for your headphones. Huh?

You’ll still be able to use headphones with your iPhone7. You’ll have two options. One option is to go out and spend $100 or more on new wireless headphones. Or, you can use the adapter that Apple is including in the packaging for the new phone. After all, it wouldn’t be very smart, I’d think, for a company to force its users to throw out all their old equipment and spend a pile of money on a new product.

Apple is claiming that it’s courageous to make this change. Really though, I’m guessing that technology across the board will be heading in that direction anyway.

The question is whether DJ equipment is also set to change. Do you think that manufacturers will also start killing headphone jacks and other cable accessories too? Let me know what you’re thinking.

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