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So you want to know which are the VirtualDJ compatible mixers? Who can blame you? Many say that VirtualDJ is the leading DJ software in the world. As of August 2020, VirtualDJ had more than 122 million downloads. Moreover, the latest update features functionality that allows DJs to isolate sections of tracks or remove them altogether, new waveforms that improve the visual analysis of the track on the beat grid, and updated EQs that facilitate enhanced transitions. 

This information is excellent for people who want to know about the Virtual DJ software…but you want to know about VirtualDJ hardware. Specifically, you want to know about the best VirtualDJ controllers. The good news is that per DJing Pro, except for equipment that requires you to use proprietary software with it, you can use almost any DJ controller for Virtual DJ. 

Deciding what VirtualDJ equipment is the best is a tricky thing, though. When it comes to hardware, there is no ONE best VirtualDJ controller. We looked around and found that you have a few great options when it comes to DJ controllers for VirtualDJ. Here are a few of the best Virtual DJ consoles that we found:

Full-Sized DJ Controllers with VirtualDJ:

Denon DJ PRIME 4

Virtual DJ lists the Denon DJ PRIME 4 first on their website. VirtualDJ describes it as “the world’s most powerful advanced DJ System.” This VirtualDJ board doesn’t require a laptop, and the multicore processor-powered PRIME 4 means your entire music collection is available for the gig. 

Price: $1899 on

Pioneer Pro DJ Controller

When it comes to looking for the best VirtualDJ board, is it any surprise that Pioneer is on the list? The Pioneer DDJ-1000 features a professional layout (which originated back with the NXS2 models) and an all-new, high def LCD screen centered on the jog wheels, designed to reveal only what you need to know and to keep your eyes on the prize (or as VirtualDJ says, “the deck”). 

Price: $1299 on

Best Midsized VirtualDJ Hardware Controllers:

Reloop TOUCH DJ Controller

If a mid-sized (and priced) VirtualDJ mixing board is more your style (and budget), the Reloop TOUCH DJ Controller with integrated 7” touchscreen is hard to beat. The full-color touchscreen allows for real-time control of the XY effect, your library, and any settings you need for the gig. Plus, you get visual feedback of track and videos and tactile RGB colored performance PAD section, which allows you to customize modes. Moreover, you get the full version of VirtualDJ Pro OEM.

Price: $699.99 on

Numark NVII

Monster® GO DJ is a fan of the Numark NVII, which they say is the “best controller for Virtual DJ for a variety of channels.” Known for its sleek, low-profile design, the Numark NVII has high-resolution displays that help you focus on what you want to, not your computer screen. It also has all the mix essentials, from scratch and mix with dual 5” metal platters with search and scratch modes to 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads, some would say it’s the DJ system for everything you need. 

Price $693 on

Compact DJ Controller VirtualDJ:

Hercules DJ Control Compact:

Hercules DJ Control Compact is considered by many to be the most comprehensive yet compact VirtualDJ hardware controller. At a little over a foot long and four inches wide, and around one pound in weight, you can haul it all over town. It has all of the essential DJ functions you need for a gig but without all the bulk and weight of some of the other DJ controllers with VirtualDJ. 

Price: $89 on

Hercules DJ Control Starlight:

Monster® GO DJ likes the Hercules DJ Starlight, another small VirtualDJ mixing board that packs a lot of punch. With all the big essential features packed into a little package, the Hercules Starlight is excellent for beginners who use the free version of VirtualDJ to learn the ropes. It has the sound card built-in and bass/filter, hot cue modes, loop, FX, sampler, pressure-sensitive jog wheels, and more. 

Price: $89 on

Are you tired of reading about Best Virtual DJ Controllers? Top Compared did a quick video on Best DJ Controller for VirtualDJ last year, and it might help you out, too. The voice is a bit robotic, but it’s quick and informative, and they included links in the description if you want to know more. 


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