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Numark’s Mixstream Pro Go Battery-powered Standalone DJ Controller ($839) has a few reviews from some industry experts. The two-deck portable DJ controller has a rechargeable battery, built-in speakers, a 7-inch touchscreen, WiFi connectivity, lighting control, and Smart Scratch capability. And it comes with Engine DJ OS 3.0. Numark says the Mixstream Pro Go is “Good Vibes to Go!”

But is it? 

We check in with the experts’ reviews to find out. Starting with…

Review #1:

Digital DJ Tips Numark Mixstream Pro Go Review by Phil Morse

Digital DJ Tips Phil Morse says that the Engine DJ concept has reached its maturity in this controller, marking a significant shift in DJing. Traditionally, DJing has been a geeky pursuit involving building custom gear in the past. From the era of record decks with needles, cartridges, and slipmats to the introduction of CDJs, the complexity of DJ setups remained. Even with the advent of controllers, which revolutionized DJing, a separate laptop, speakers, and a personal music collection were still required.

Phil Morse’s YouTube video review is here:

However, now you can purchase a Mixstream Pro Go for a reasonable price, log in to a streaming service, and start playing immediately, Morse explains—no speakers, cables, or personal music collection needed. It also offers accessibility and portability. The lightweight and compact design of the unit makes it perfect for taking it to the beach, a barbecue, or a fire pit. It can last about three hours when fully charged, depending on screen brightness and volume.

While not flawless, the 7″ screen may not work as effectively as the larger 10″ screen on other controllers, with small fonts being an issue. However, Morse thinks software updates could address this problem. Also, while adequate, the effects on the Mixstream Pro Go may feel somewhat limited. Despite having balanced XLR outputs for professional PA system integration, it’s primarily designed for hobby and home use. Additional hardware and a subscription to SoundSwitch are required to control pro-DMX lights.

It’s important to note that standalone systems may not match the capabilities of the best laptop DJ systems. For instance, real-time stem separation is currently unavailable on standalone compared to software. However, standalone units usually offer laptop software options, and the Mixstream Pro Go can be used with Serato and VirtualDJ, although full functionality requires purchasing or subscribing to those platforms.

Furthermore, Morse acknowledged that DJing with streaming services still has limitations. Eventually, DJs may want to curate their music collections. The beauty of this system lies in the fact that it provides options for all these scenarios.

Review #2:

Everything But Tame: A Portable Beast from Numark by the Product Research Team at

The product team at Sweetwater gives the Numark Mixstream Pro Go Battery-powered Standalone DJ Controller high marks. They suggest that the 2-deck portable DJ Controller with rechargeable battery takes standalone Mixstream systems “to the limit.”

It provides hassle-free practice and casual use, too. With a high-capacity rechargeable battery, the Mixstream Pro Go offers hours of uninterrupted service indoors or outdoors. Also, thanks to the built-in speakers, no laptop, cables, or speakers are needed.

Perfect for unconventional gigs like pop-up performances and off-the-grid events, the Mixstream Pro Go is a powerhouse with all the connectivity and tools of a high-performance controller. It also features backlit pads and a generous 7-inch touchscreen with multi-gesture support for smooth operation, even in low-light conditions. 

The controller comes preloaded with Engine DJ and Lighting software. This allows laptop-free mixing and control of DMX or Philips Hue systems. 

Despite its laptop-free mindset, it offers various digital connectivity options. Serato DJ or Virtual DJ users can utilize the Mixstream Pro Go as a software controller, and built-in WiFiWiFi streaming support is available for platforms like Tidal and Amazon Music Unlimited. Mixing capabilities are top-notch, with a multi-effects suite, four dual-layer pads per deck, independent pitch sliders, adjustable range, 3-band EQ, and multimode filters for each deck.

Review #3:

Numark Mixstream Pro Go Review | Beatsource Tech for DJcityTV

Mojaxx had much to say about the new Mixstream Pro Go Review in his YouTube review. He sees this as the Mixstream Pro mashed up with the Denon DJ Prime 4. 

Mojaxx also thought they had nailed it overall, and the price was right. So he gives it a solid recommendation. And here’s why.

 He describes the Mixstream Pro Go from Numark as an incredibly portable and convenient DJ controller offering various features. Its built-in WiFi and rechargeable battery make it easy to use anywhere, allowing for immediate performance or preparation on the go. Although not powerful enough for large parties, adding built-in speakers provides decent sound for home practice sessions. Surprisingly, the Mixstream Pro Go speakers sound even better than those on the original model, despite having the same specs.

The build quality of the Mixstream Pro Go may not be premium, but it is durable and can withstand rough handling. While the overall construction feels plasticky (read: cheap), Mojaxx says the pads, buttons, and knobs perform well. The capacitive touch jog wheels offer good resistance, and the basic crossfader is suitable for simple performance cuts. Mojaxx appreciates how Numark updated the color scheme of the Go with more blue and white LEDs. However, he thinks the pad LEDs are too dim, although a firmware update could improve this.

Mojaxx says one standout feature of the Mixstream Pro Go is its superb seven-inch capacitive touchscreen. It provides a bright and clear display with wide viewing angles, showcasing the power of the Engine OS. The OS has evolved over time and now offers a range of new functionalities, such as additional effects controls, integration with Nanoleaf lighting, a beat grid editor, a drop sampler, and a touch effects screen. The Go also allows streaming directly from the hardware, making it unique. 

The Mixstream Pro Go offers multiple ways to play music, including streaming via WiFiWiFi, using Dropbox for personal cloud storage, connecting to a computer remotely, or playing tracks from local media through USB ports or an SD card slot. Additionally, it can be used as a controller with Virtual DJ and will soon be compatible with Serato DJ Pro. The battery life of the Go is impressive, lasting over four hours in continuous play mode with WiFiWiFi and the screen at maximum brightness.

Mojaxx says the Mixstream Pro Go is a highly recommended all-in-one device. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Engine user, it offers convenience, portability, and standalone playback capabilities. He says Numark has done an excellent job with this controller, providing a competitive price point and solid performance. Engine users are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions for future improvements to the operating system.

So, that’s what they think. What would you add? Put your reviews in the comments below.