I’m certain that someone has done this already “unofficially”. I can picture a DJ attaching a GoPro camera to his or her headphones, recording the events of the night and then uploading them to YouTube or Vine.

Well, Altec Lansing, an audio electronics company already well-known for USB audio, surround sound and wireless audio among other modern and state-of-the-art products, has just released something similar onto the market.

It’s latest creation is the DVR DJ-style headphones. Basically, the company attached a small camera on the left ear cup of typical DJ headphones.

The camera allows DJs to film anything they want and then upload the stream thanks to built-in wi-fi. The headphones also come with 8GB of internal memory. Battery power lasts for about 8 hours.

So, now you can record your performance all night long, post an edited version to your website and use it as a cool marketing tool to highlight your skills to potential clients.