It’s a scenario that’s happened to nearly all of us. And if it hasn’t happened yet to you, rest assured that it probably will happen to you sooner or later. I’m talking about that worst case scenario. It might be the night that your laptop decides to go to the big computer store in the sky. Or maybe it’s the night that you can’t connect your mixer (or other necessary piece of equipment) to the house system.

Whatever disaster is about to ensue, do you have a plan to avert it?

The truth is that you can’t think of every possible problem ahead of time. But, you can think of the big ones. You can also get into a habit of checking and re-checking all your gear to make sure it’s all in top shape. You can keep extras of important things, like cables, memory sticks, digital file back-ups.

What do you do to make sure that you can survive the ultimate worst case scenario? Check out these tips, too…

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