After who knows how many years, the DMC battle is still going strong. But despite the introduction of the online battle, there has always been an element of not moving with the times. Well this year, much of that will be addressed with all new categories including a pure scratch section.

Words from DMC HQ:

DMC World announces the 2015 DMC DJ Battle Event Schedule: Exciting Plans + New Categories!

2015 DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP: March 1 – July 15
DJs can begin uploading their 2 min. sets on March 1. Videos for Round 1 go live on March 10. There will be 8 rounds – two weeks each – with the final on July 15. It’s year 5 and the world is invited! Please visit www.dmcdjonline.comfor more info.

Teams will compete online this year with the winning team performing live at the DMC World DJ Championships in London (October). 2 rounds of 2 weeks each! Any equipment! 2 – 4 DJs, self-filmed. At last, DJs can form teams in any country and find themselves at the World Finals in London!

DMC is challenging DJs to new levels of creativity using film and music productions A new frontier, we’re very excited! 1 round of 4 weeks. The finals for this competition will take place on Sept. 22 and the champion will be announced on Sept. 29. More details coming soon!

2015 DMC PURE SCRATCH COMPETITION – dates to be announced
In response to the DJS and fans calling for a scratch competition, DMC will also be launching the PURE SCRATCH competition later on in the year. 4 rounds of 1 week each.

DMC UNDER 18’s CHAMPIONSHIPS will launch in early 2016
Let’s encourage the next generation of DJs!

So DMC is embracing online battling with a passion. There will still be live events in the US and probably other countries too, but there seems to be a shift towards online competition. The teams move is smart, if only because of the logistics and diminishing popularity. But the winners will still get to perform at the live final.

But it’s the introduction of the video, scratch and under 18s sections that are most interesting. Video DJing seems to be in perpetual infancy, but there are some truly amazing video DJs out there who going head to head could create quite a spectacle.

It’s also great that under 18s will get their own category. It’s quite daunting when you’re faced with such an amazing pool of world class skill (that just get better as they get older) that the realistic expectation is that you’re going to lose. At least now, young DJs will be able to get involved in battling knowing that they might actually win.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on the DMC when it gets closer to the battle.