Quite often I am asked the same question; Where Do I Download My Music From and What are some things a DJ should look for when researching music? Both are great questions. When it comes to research,  I think every DJ has their own individual creative process. However, there is always a method to the madness, I love searching for songs from movie soundtracks, TV shows, shopping store playlists, international songs, and remixes that have a good beat to dance to but don’t completely alienate a classic original song. As far as where I download my music, personally I think that the best place to download music as a DJ is from a Record Pool, especially one like MyMP3Pool. MP3PoolOnline is a great DJ Pool to join because it offers a variety of high quality audio selections new & old including exclusive edits, clean/dirty/radio versions, 8 Bar Intros, instrumentals, acapellas, and more.” This site is reliable and easy to use,” says DJ Reflex. He’s correct; you can log on and effortlessly research what songs are getting the most airplay in genres such as Top 40, Hip Hop/R&B, Alternative/Rock, Country, and more. DJ’s can also find out what’s popular on the top charts including Top 50 Mainstream, Top 50 Dance, and even on the Rhythmic Charts. As a registered DJ member to one of the Best DJ Record Pools, you’ll have access to unlimited ID tagged & Serato ready files, new tracks every month, daily music updates, multiple versions of every track, & high quality 320kbps mp3’s. Futhermore, you can follow MyMP3Pool on instagram and view Top 10 Weekly Downloads, Monthly Trends, New Riddims, & Weekly Staff Picks, in addition to awesome DJ Routines and Interviews. MyMp3Pool also offers a blog for subscribers to read that covers all topics DJ related from DJ Spotlights, Tips & Tricks, Equipment Reviews, Worldwide Music Festivals, DJ Expos & Showcases, and helpful information to enhance your business & brand. Join MYMP3Pool today.