1_K68K5ncav1QDx1hbYwkpiADid you know that Mixcloud is making changes to the playback experience? As many of us have seen recently after logging in, www.Mixcloud.com has written an Open Letter to users in an effort to be transparent about why they are making changes to the playback experience. The future of Mixcloud is “Moving toward a fair and sustainable streaming model for artists”. What does this Mean? It means that free listeners will still have access to streaming, however there will be limits in accordance to licensing agreements. They’ve also re-designed their subscription plans which will lift these limitations for almost every type of listener.  As technology progresses and consumers change how they listen to music, the music industry must be innovative and constantly adapt to ensure artists and songwriters are compensated for their work. “The streaming economy is fast becoming the biggest driver behind the recorded music industry, by 2030 it’s projected that 70% of global music revenue will come from streaming” Some may ask why Mixcloud is making adjustments to the services that they offer and the reason is because the Royalty  costs they pay for every free listener have been rising steadily. “When you stream any show on Mixcloud, the underlying tracks are identified through audio finger printing technology, so that they can pay royalty fees to the relevant rights holders”  The revenue made from advertising simply isn’t even coming close to covering these royalty costs anymore.  The founders of Mixcloud want to keep this platform available for years to come so they need many more listeners to subscribe to all their favorite channels with Mixcloud Select or upgrade to the new platform-wide Mixcloud Premium plan.

What’s New with Mixcloud at a glance:

  • Free listeners will only be able to seek forwards (not backward) while listening to a show.
  • Free listeners will be able to listen to the same show maximum 3 times in a rolling two-week window.
  • Free listeners will not be able to listen to shows that feature more than 4 tracks by the same artist or more than 3 tracks from an album (If you are not a rights holder).
  • For the loyalist fan who keeps coming back to specific creators:
    By subscribing directly to an individual creator with Mixcloud Select, for a flexible monthly price set by the creator from $2.99, a listener can directly support the creator, listen to their channel without limits and receive exclusive rewards in exchange.
  • For the generalist listener who listens to a bit of everything:
    By upgrading to a Mixcloud Premium, our new $7.99 monthly subscription, a listener can access all public shows across the platform without limits.