Since I began DJing, I always made an effort to set an annual goal of something I wanted to accomplish before the years end. Early on, I was determined to DJ at one of the major clubs in Washington, DC. I would pull up and do my rounds at the clubs, paying attention to how the DJs would make people feel. I joined a promotion team with the hopes of getting the foot in the door but that door never opened. I entered DJ competitions for open slots and eventually I won and was able to DJ at one of DC’s mega-clubs in December of that year.

Another year my goal was to DJ out of state, the next it was to DJ out of the country, another year it was to make 8 grand in one month of DJing, while another year it was to learn how to crab scratch. Every goal was checked off the list. Not by magic, but by perseverance. Every day I would think about the goal and how I could get one step closer to achieving that goal. I would listen to stories from DJs that are already in the places that I wanted to be in. Most importantly, I would practice every day. Because practice is preparation and I want to be prepared for any situation that may arise. “Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance” is the phrase that stuck with me the most from my high school football coach and it is applicable in every aspect of life.

Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon, if you miss you still land on the clouds. Trust in the process and everything will play out in your favor. The Western world often times focuses on the end goal while the Eastern world pays closes attention to the steps needed to achieve the goal. Don’t be afraid to let others know your goals and allow them to hold you accountable.

What are some of your goals for 2022? What’s one thing you can do each day to take a step towards your goal? Let us know in the comments!