The last couple of years have had very strong weather events and unfortunately it appears to be the new norm globally. With most of the US experiencing a deep freeze going into the weekend, it is important to really consider the pros and cons of venturing out for your next gig.

As an entertainer, a weekend can often make or break your bank accounts so deciding to push through inclement weather may seem appealing. However you must remember that weather watches and warnings are real and being stuck in a flood, blizzzard, or destructive winds can be detrimental. Typically when there is poor weather, not many patrons travel out to the bars and clubs where you will be performing. Private events will often be cancelled as well.

In the event your gig is still on, check weather maps and call any friends or family that you know along the route to your final destination. Receiving real time feedback from a friend may let you know that the backroads that you typically take are impassable.

Keep an open line of communication with your point of contact for said event and let them know that if the conditions are unsafe that you will not be able to attend. Remember we are typically the last ones to leave an event so if weather conditions are suppose to get worse, you will have to deal with it. If the point of contact is giving you a hard time, offer to perform for them on another date at a lower or comped rate. Chances are they will understand. You may miss a weekend of pay, but at least you will have confidence that you will have many more weekends ahead of you.

Hunker down, enjoy the weekend off and if you still have an itch to perform, try live-streaming a set to all of your fans who are also staying in for the weekend.