image1The Hercules DJControl Starlight is exactly what comes to mind when I think of the saying “Big Things Come in Small Packages” This solid system is light in size but heavy hitting when it comes to performance. Not only does it have all of the basics such as playback controls, pitch/tempo faders, crossfader, and headphone & speaker outputs, it’s perfect for mixing on-the-go. The Hercules DJControl Starlight also has touch sensitive jog wheels, a built-in audio interface, bass EQ/Filter knobs, 4 pads x 4 modes (hot-cue, loop, fx, sampler), and bright RGB backlighting. Paired with Serato DJ, this mighty mini controller offers you everything needed to mix and scratch literally in the palm of your hands. Hands Go Up DJ,  I bet nobody can Rock The Bells quite like DJ Tone Arm when it comes to the Hercules DJControl Starlight Controller. DJ Tone Arm learned how to DJ using turntables in 1984 but can spin on any piece of equipment put in front of him (Turntables, CDJ’s, Controllers, ect) When people ask him “How did he get so good using controllers?”, his answer is simple…“Practice”  Watch DJ Tone Arm Get Busy below!