The DJ industry never stops evolving. That’s really good for all of us because it means that we have more choices than ever before. We can choose to work in any or all genres and play at any kind of venue or event. Best of all, DJ technology is constantly advancing. That means anyone who wants to learn or improve on what they’re already doing can find the tools they need.

We wrote about Pacemaker a few years ago. Back then, DJ apps that used AI weren’t all that common. Pacemaker has a bit more competition now. In response to their last app, Pacemaker has created a new DJ app that allows you to co-create mixes easily and quickly.

How do you think AI can make DJing better?

The new Pacemaker DJ app features a Collaborate button that lets you add tracks, edit transitions, and review feedback. Mix different genres, create lists, and when you’re ready to Publish, all creators are displayed to the Pacemaker community.

Find the app here.