Photo Credit: DMC website
Photo Credit: DMC website


The 2019 DMC U.S. regular season has come to a close and it was one for the books with former DMC Champions going up against the next generation of battle DJs. We saw competitors travel across coasts to give their best shot at advancing to the DMC U.S. Finals. This years battle season began in Las Vegas on March 14th and concluded in the Bay area with both a regional battle as well as the DMC US Scratch finals on the May 26th. Two months and 9 cities later we have our regional, scratch, and U.S. Supremacy winners ready to advance to the next stage of their battle season. Here is the break down:

2019 DMC US Regional DJ Results 
DJ Perly
  • March 14th – The 2019 DMC US battle season kicked off in Las Vegas where 2018 US Supremacy Champion DJ Toltech (Chicago, IL) took home 1st place with DJs Ambideckstriks (Chicago, IL) and Lodus (Pico Rivera, CA) receiving 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • The tour jumped to the east coast holding the Washington DC Regional battle as well as the battle for US Supremacy on April 6th. Toltech was to defend his US Supremacy title but fell to the 2018 runner up, DJ AS-One (Bethesda, MD). It was exciting to see witness a rivalry amongst two of the hardest cutters in the game. DJ As-One advances directly to London for the DMC World DJ Championships on Sept. 28th. DJ Ragoza (Chesterfield, MA) came away with 1st place in the DC Regional Championship battle and DJ Steel (Lakewood, NJ) took runner up with 3rd place going to Ty Handswell (Severn, MD). DJ Phenomenon made history as the first competitor to use the Rane Twelves in a DMC battle.
2019 DMC USA Supremacy Winner DJ As-One
2019 DMC USA Supremacy Winner DJ As-One
  • On Sunday April 14th the DMC battle tour made it’s way to Tampa Bay, Florida and had some familiar faces take the rankings. DJ Ambideckstriks took 1st place on his 2nd attempt this battle season and  DJ Remedy (Baltimore MD) and DJ Ivan G (Dallas, TX) took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • Back out to the west coast the DMC made a stop in Los Angeles, CA where we saw a showdown of the wild west. On Sunday, April 28th, The Beat Molester (Seattle, WA) came out on top with a 1st place victory and Cali representers DJ Lodus (Pico Rivera, CA) and Akiko Luv – (Pasadena,CA) rounding out 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • #MayMadness began in the south with an incredible display from some Texas turntable slingers. San Antonio, TX was home to the first of a busy month of battles in May with a regional competition on May 2nd. Texans ran the tables with DJ Dopez (San Antonio, TX) taking 1st place, DJ Ivan G taking 2nd place and 13 year old Dallas Texas star DJ K-Sprinkles receiving 3rd place!
2019 NY Regional Champ DJ Steel
2019 NY Regional Champ DJ Steel
  • In just four days time the tour made its way to the home of hip hop itself, New York. May 6th was a special night with legends such as DJ Cash Money (1988 DMC World Champion) and future legends like DJ Perly (2017 DMC US Champion) putting on inspiring showcases for attendees and competitors. New York typically sees familiar faces during their regional battle but this time you had many fresh faces such as DJ Little Rock (Rockville, MD) that advanced to the final round of 6. In the end it was DJ Steel who took 1st place with runner up DJ Remedy and 2nd runner up Fingersmith (Brooklyn, NY).
  • Four days later and we are in the midwest for the Cincinnati showdown on Friday, May 10th. The third time was the charm for DJ Remedy as he broke the string of 2nd place finishes in Tampa and NYC and grabbed 1st place. CJ Nice formerly known as DJ Philo (Orlando, FL) came in 2nd and  FingerSmith picked up a second 3rd place trophy.
  • Two days later on May 12th the DMC battle tour made its way to the mile high city, Denver Colorado; also the home to our US DMC DJ Finals on September 8th. Colorado DJs swept the table with DJ Cysko Rokwel (Denver, CO) coming in 1st, DJ Notch (Denver, CO) taking 2nd and One Skratch Man aka Charlie Swan (Boulder, CO) coming in 3rd.
  • On May 26th The Bay saw DMC veteran DJ Ty Handswell take 1st place with DJ Lazyboy (Pacifica, CA) grabbing runner up and Dayvers (Stanton, CA) taking third. The Bay area also held down the US Scratch finals which saw the DMC’s very first DMC US Scratch Champion DJ Prolifix (Los Angeles, CA) grab his second US Scratch championship with Lou $hort (Antioch, CA)  taking runner up and DJ Dondon (San Francisco, CA) receiving 3rd.


From Left to Right: Runner Up DJ Lazyboy, 1st Place Ty Handswell, 3rd place DJ Dayvers
Bay Area Regional From Left to Right: Runner Up DJ Lazyboy, 1st Place Ty Handswell, 3rd place DJ Dayvers

All of the regional champions won the following:

The new Rane Twelve, Serato DJ Suite license + Serato Play One, D.A.S. Audio Speaker, Custom Rane Twelve disc from 12″ Skinz, ThudRumble Prize Package, Odyssey Bag and a round trip flight and hotel to the 2019 DMC US DJ Finals.

The DMC Online Finals have also just begun and the judges will announce a winner on July 2nd. You can check out the finalists’ videos here. We hope you are enjoying the battle season thus far and hope to see you at an upcoming event!