Live streaming has become the annoying best friend to DJs all around the world. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures still in place, it will be some time before the nightlife and the events industry bounces back. DJs always figure out a way to adapt and in this case have brought their sets online. Unfortunately there are several hurdles when it comes to live streaming. Audio quality is often sacrificed if you don’t have the proper equipment. Equipment that can be costly and during this time, difficult to obtain.

SpinstreaM provides a solution that will have your streams sounding crisp without the need of external hardware. All you need is SpinstreaM to direct your audio from your DJ mixer to any audio input source on your computer (OBS, Streamlabs, etc).

Another feature that SpinstreaM provides is “Streaming Protection” which essentially scrambles the algorithms trying to take down your stream for copyright infringement. This feature is in Beta mode and I have personally given in a try on Instagram Live and was very pleased with the results. A full hour long stream uninterrupted every time I have the “Stream Protection” box check

For those that are using tablets or mobile devices to live stream instead of an open broadcasting software such as OBS, you can still utilize SpinstreaM. Instead of going from your mixer to an external audio interface (or an iRig) and then into mobile device, you can have your audio directed from your computer. Your computer is now an “iRig” while it is receiving the audio from the USB cable connected to your DJ mixer. All you need to do is connect your mobile device to your computer via a 3.5mm male to male/lighting/usb-c and your audio is now SpinstreaM’d.

SpinstreaM is compatible with all DJ Mixers and Hybrid Controllers (Controllers that can connect turntables or CDJs), the Pioneer DDJ-1000 and is currently only support on Mac OS. You can download SpinstreaM here for ($20 USD). If you are familiar with apps such as Loopback ($100 USD) consider this a simpler version for a fraction of the cost. SpinstreaM is created by DJ Boxxy Brown who pioneered spinFLUENCit, a streamlined request app that helps DJs earn money for requests.