Most of us DJs will have plenty of time over the next few weeks to hone in on our skills and Serato has released a new pair of control vinyl to help us with just that! The latest pair of CVs are available online for $34.99 USD and are “the clearest vinyl” yet. A lightweight design ensures you can cut as fast as your hands allow.

One side of the record is blank while the other is fitted with Serato’s Noisemap control tone. The blank side is meant for the stickers that Serato packages with the vinyl. You have your choice of the rainbow and can color code them to match cue points you have programmed in the DJ software. Check out the video below from Serato’s Blakey at their London HQ’s.

Sticker Lock gives you the ability to align a sticker on your Serato Control Vinyl to a cue point or the start of your track and know exactly where that cue or the start will be without having to look at the waveform!” – Serato