When Phase was initially announced in 2018 it took the DJ community by storm being the next big DJ innovation since timecode (DVS). After a year of production and trouble shooting, Phase seemed to have found it’s footing. An announcement at the top of 2020 pushes Phase into a new realm of DJ hardware and you should expect it to become even more of a household name.

Phase has teamed up with Serato to provide seamless integration for anyone using Serato. This means that you will be able to simply plug in your Phase device via USB to your computer while Serato is running and it will start working. No need to connect RCA’s anymore which gives you those RCA ports back for additional decks. Phase uses motion detection which has a lot of possible applications so with the Serato team partnering up with MWN (Phase) you can expect some new features to be added to the Phase experience.

The new upgrade will be a firmware update so existing Phase users will have full access of the new partnership. What new features do you expect Phase to add with the new Serato partnership? Leave a comment below!