Photo: RZA Twitter

WU-Wednesday is alive and well this week as RZA releases a new project. RZA is known as one of the most creative musical minds in music and with that he understands how various factors can impact ones creative flow. This five-track EP gives creatives an opportunity to remove distractions and artistic blocks. RZA walks you through a celestial experience that will help reset and rebalance your energy. RZA partners with Tazo Tea to create this experience as well as a two-day camping retreat called Camp TAZO which will have participants work with RZA to unlock their creative potential.

RZA is no stranger to expressing his spiritual approach to creativity and understanding as evident in his book The Tao of the WU. RZA is looking to inspire and motivate everyone to seek their full potential and with the Guided Exploration EP, he takes you on a journey to do just that. Our current environment is full of distractions and stressors that impact creatives more than anyone. It’s important to have a balance of the mind, body and soul to truly reveal the powers you have to create. You can find this 30 minute experience on Spotify and Apple Music.