Reloop Portable

It has been an exciting year for Reloop which announced in January a new line of Turntables and a Mixer aimed at competing with the legacy brands Technics and Pioneer. It looks like they are fully committed to the turntablist community as they dive into the niche sub genre of portablism by announcing their latest product, the Reloop Spin Portable.

The portable turntable options currently available are slim with Numark leading the way with its PT01 Scratch portable turntable and the Vestax Handytraxx being as common as a unicorn (or as expensive as one). There are other start up versions available but as for mainstream portable turntables the Reloop Spin should find a nice warm seat next to the most popular portables.

Reloop Spin

Similar to the new Reloop 12″ turntables it is clear that Reloop is trying to go above and beyond with their products providing functionality not seen before.

  • For starters this portable has Bluetooth capabilities so you can stream music directly from your phone or other media device and have it play through the turntables built-in speakers.
  • This portable comes equipped with a 45mm crossfader that can be used on either side of the turntable
  • Direct USB recording allows you to receive mp3 files of your cuts or records that you would like transfer to your digital collection
  • There are RCA and 1/4” outputs as well so you can still use your favorite portable speakers
  • Flexible power options allow you to use either a USB power supply (5V, 2A), USB portable power bank or rechargeable AA batteries
  • A 7” scratch record is included with purchase
  • An exclusive Super Spin Duck Looper App is included with purchase, full of beats and loops to scratch with. 7'' Reloop Scratch Record

The Reloop Spin appears to be an all in one portable solution, staying true to the portable mission of being mobile and able to scratch anywhere on the go. The units will start selling at the end of June and will come in at €229.99 or $249.99USD. For more information check out the Reloop site here. Will you be grabbing the latest portable to hit the market? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!