Serato recently sent out an email to the DJ community warning Rane users not to upgrade to the Big Sur OS or to an Apple computer that has an M1 chip. The warning does not affect the latest Rane models:

  • Rane Seventy + A-Trak Signature Edition
  • Rane Seventy Two MKI + MKII
  • Rane Twelve MKI -MKII
  • Rane One
  • Rane MP2015

The operating system of Big Sur and the architecture of the M1 chip do not allow compatibility with essentially every older Rane device. The following will not be compatible if you upgrade to Big Sur or an M1 Apple device:

  • Rane Sl2, SL3, SL4
  • Rane Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, Sixty-Four, Sixty-Eight
  • Rane TTM57MKII

Unfortunately, if you upgrade, the above devices will become bricks when trying to use Serato. We wouldn’t take their warning lightly.