pexels-photo-290657Have you ever been in the middle of an awesome set and thought to yourself, I totally wish I was recording this?! Yeah me too, happens all of the time and when I try to duplicate it, never comes out the same. Sometimes I consciously say to myself,  I’m going to record this bomb set real quick but then I’m too critical of every transition, song choice, etc & half the time I don’t even save the mix. I even have tons of mixes that are labeled blahblahmix(errorat43mins).mp3 haha. I find that for some reason I seem to make the best mixes when I just press play and hit record immediately and forget that I’m recording. These mixes definitely come in handy if I can remember to sort through, label, & organize them in a timely manner. At the moment I bet there are a few gigs of mixes you could probably delete or post on your Mixcloud account too, if you’re anything like me. Recording mixes is a great way to remember those killer mash-ups or sets you thought of in the moment but forgot about by the end of the night. You can also use these mixes as demos for new opportunities, especially if they are clean and diverse. In any case, it’s always good to sit back and listen to the body of work that you’ve created for the party people to sharpen your skills or just give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Oh and by the way don’t be like me and record that groovy mix then head straight to the “Heartbreak Hotel” because you forget to hit save before you hit record again or exited your program. It’s tearing up my heart just thinking about those long lost mixes LOL. I hope to see an influx of new mixes on everyone’s Mixcloud accounts now.  #Cheers (Drink to that)