Photo: MWM
Photo: MWM

Phase has released their first official firmware update to address the drifting pitch during performance. This meant that occasionally the BPM would float +/- any given range of BPMs while a track would be playing. The new update should have a perfectly matched BPM, eliminating the pitch shift. In addition MWM has stated they have improved the strength of the radio signal between the remotes and the transmitter and have increased battery life. Overall the MWM team has promised an increase in stability and connectivity which has been the main outcry from Phase users.

Phase made sure to let their users know that they are still working on creating the best product and experience for DJs. They released the statement below regarding future updates.

“Now that our first firmware update is out, this doesn’t mean our job is done.
We are continuing to work hard every day on improving Phase’s user experience and here are our current development objectives:

  • Add new Phase features: Midi compatibility, new gesture systems, and more.

  • Random switch to internal mode (Serato Users only):  We do appreciate your patience and creativity in dealing with this issue and we’re working very hard to fix it as soon as possible.

  • Perfecting cue point drift: This known issue has been improved with the new firmware and we are now exploring new ways to make it even better.

  • Total rework of MWM Connect: To improve stability, user experience and integration of the new features.”

Check out the video below for a tutorial on how to update your Phase firmware. How has Phase been treating you? Have you been holding off on buying one? Drop a comment below!