Man Sitting at Airport with Luggage

DJs and musicians alike are in for some great news as American Airlines has lifted their oversized baggage fees for instruments and sporting equipment. Previously a passenger would expect a baggage fee of $150 USD per checked oversized item on a domestic flight. Now they can pay the standard baggage fees for a normal checked bag which is around $30 USD. This should provide a huge relief to the pockets of traveling DJs and musicians. It is important to have reasonable rates to travel with your gear as touring is becoming a main source of income for performers with digital streaming takes a big bite in to physical album sales.

In a statement released by American Airlines “The updated policies, which will be music to the ears of musicians who fly on American, will also ensure that customers can more easily pursue active and healthy lifestyles wherever their travels may take them, without having to pay additional oversize bag fees.” American Airlines is trailblazing by cutting excessive baggage fees for a niche customer; one that often has to pay extra just to travel with the tools they need to work. Hopefully other airlines will follow suite. You can read the entire policy change here.