Photo: Pioneer DJ
Photo: Pioneer DJ

Pioneer just announced their latest product, the DDJ-XP2! This hardware expansion gives users 32 fully customizable performance pads that can be assigned to a slew of functions. The DDJ-XP2 comes ready to work with both Pioneer’s own Rekordbox software as well as Serato. There seemed to be some worry that Pioneer would be forcing Rekordbox on its users when the Pioneer DDJ-1000 was released solely for Rekordbox. Since then the Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT has been released for Serato users and this latest piece of hardware has dual compatibility.

The DDJ-XP2 has some powerful functionality that helps push the boundaries of performance. With 32 performance pads you have more than enough triggers to create melodies and drums patterns, allowing you to compose music on the fly. Adding this controller to any set up will enhance it, check out some of the key features below.

  • 16 Pad Mode allows you to split one side into two assignable functions. For example, you can have your hot cues on the 8 pads on the top row, and your sampler on the bottom row.
  • Transport Mode allows you to assign your pads to play, pause, pitch up/down, cue tracks and more. All you need is the DDJ-XP2 with a laptop to perform.
  • Silent Cue allows you to cue up the next track with the faders open and bring in the muted song at the tap of a hot cue. This can be done all without touching the faders.
  • Slide FX allows you to feel and dynamically change your FX by sliding your finger on the touch strips on either side of the DDJ-XP2

The DDJ-XP2 is to start hitting shelves this month with a price tag of $299 USD. This bus powered, compact monster machine has a great bang for your buck and will be a great addition to any setup. Will you be grabbing one? Drop a comment!