received_2283431411888137I belong to a Facebook group called The International DJ Cafe. However, The IDJC is not just a Facebook group, it’s a movement, an amazing group of talented individuals, and also a networking event for DJs.  These events provide an opportunity for any DJ to bring their gear & sign up to do 15 to 20 minute sets, as well as, get great feedback on their skills, and learn just about anything they want to know about the art of DJing. You can even gain helpful knowledge on the business side of things in the entertainment industry too. The International DJ Cafe was founded November 2010. The purpose of this group and these events is to have a social outlet for DJs to share good and bad experiences with one another other in hopes to shed light on the wins & losses we encounter daily. Recently, there has been a huge focus on the young up & coming DJs. The purist were concerned about the artform being watered down and less respected so the IDJC is doing it’s part to teach the youth the fundamentals of the art form from the beginning of hip hop to present. This year a “Kids Cafe” was launched that targets the youth and gives them their own environment to learn at better pace.  As you’ve read in my previous article “Spotlight on DJ NeeekNyce”, she has taken on this challenge and is doing a great job with the younger DJs. Don’t miss your chance to see these youngsters in action at The International DJ Cafe’s 8th Year Anniversary Party.  Everyone will get to see four of the best Kid’s Cafe student’s hit the big stage and showcase what they’ve learned.  This is going to be very special and exciting.  It’s up to us to pass the torch to our youth and they will only be as prepared as the lessons we put in front of them. At the present time there are quite a few other chapters of the IDJC all across the county: The Philly Chapter, New Jersey Chapter, Lehigh Valley Chapter, California Inland, Empire Chapter, Charlotte, & NC Chapter. Are you interested in seeing or meeting some of the dopest DJs from all over the globe?! Well Ladies and Gentlman, consider this to be your cordial invitation to the International DJ Cafe’s 8th Year Anniversary Party held on January 27, 2019 at Nu Millinium Studios (525 Mildred Avenue Clifton Heights, Pa) from 3:00-8:00pm. Only $15 admission. Please visit for more information. Party Up in Here!