Absolutely. There have been reports from DJs around the United States that Pioneer devices have been hard to attain and shipping estimates continue to increase for DJ gear in general. The perfect storm has created record backlog amongst our product supply chain.

There is a shortage of chips which means products cannot be made. A truck drivers shortage is causing delays in product delivery. The demand for shipping containers has skyrocketed and of course an ongoing global pandemic all have a direct impact on the gear getting from the manufacturer to the DJ booth.

The outlook is grim for the holiday season with experts predicting a supply chain shortage extending into the Spring of 2022. Panic buying will only make the situation worse, instead, check with your local music stores as it’s more likely they already have products en route to their shelves.

Consider purchasing used gear if you can, most older DJ equipment was built to last. We will keep you up to date with the supply chain shortage and how it is impacting our industry.