You know how you can’t live without your phone? Hey, that club manager might call any minute now, right? Maybe. The truth, though, is a little harder to accept. Regardless of whether or not we’re waiting for that very important call, the fact is that these devices that help us get through the day also take up a lot of our attention.

Remember when DJing was almost a meditative practice. You’d lock yourself away with your music and your equipment. Listen deeply to all the tracks. Think about the best way to mix them. Yeah, those days may be gone forever.

Now, you get email notifications while you’re focussing on beatmatching. You need a little break from DJing, so you lose a few hours tooling around the internet. We’ve all been there. The problem is that depending that much on our devices robs us of quiet time to fiddle and learn about our craft.

So, lock yourself in your practice room. Turn off your phone, and block any notifications that come through your laptop. Cut out the distractions and learn to refocus on DJing.

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