Photo by Mark Solarski
Photo by Mark Solarski

It is no secret that a good DAW (digital audio workstation) can come with a hefty price tag. Most video games run you upward of $60USD so imagine if you had a video game that you could completely customize into an infinite amount of story lines and other games using the same powerful graphics, AI, and sounds as the original. When you think about what you’re getting in terms of a program loaded with plug-ins, sounds, samples and more; then it begins to make sense why you would have to drop a pretty penny. These DAWs are becoming more powerful with each update and provide you with an incredible platform for creativity. But let’s face it, dropping $300+ on an app can sound daunting.

Thankfully between trials, “lite” version, and some open sourcing, we have some options that won’t cost you a dime. Granted they may not have all of the bells and whistles as their paid counterparts, but they should still be enough to get you going. Below you will find a list of 10 free DAWs you can download and get started on right away! You will also find the time stamp for when they are mentioned in the video review by Another Producer. Some familiar names such as ProTools and GarageBand offer some free versions of their softwares but there are some names you may not have heard of such as well such as Audiotool and Ardour. You will even find some that you can use directly in your web browser! This is the time to dive in an experiment a little, you never know what surprises you may find in one of these DAWS. What is your go to DAW? Drop a comment!


ProTools 0:57

Ohm Studio 1:58

Audiotool 3:00

BandLab 5:09

Studio One 4 Prime 7:00

SoundBridge 7:47

Ardour 8:19

T7 9:07

GarageBand 9:42

Cakewalk 10:25…