pexels-photo-1110355Contracts in any business serve quite a few purposes; most important they protect all parties involved in the event of any accidents or discrepancies. By definition a contract is a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. This agreement also lays out all of the important details needed by both the purchaser & contractor such as, what parties are involved in the agreement, what services are expected to be rendered, type/date/time/location of the engagement, contact information, deposits & fees. As DJ’s and Independent Contractors, depending on the event, you or the client may require more details to be included.  This may seem excessive to some but my contract includes clauses for Accidents, Injury or Damages to the DJ or Property of the DJ, Riots, Strikes, Epidemics, Acts of God, Intentional Mic Drops, Inclement Weather, Unsafe Working Conditions, Control & Supervision of the Event, Non-Payment, Bounced Check Fees, Insurance, ect. I want to make sure that my clients and I are fully protected in the event that life occurs. There are all kinds of contract templates available online via google, choose what works best for you and your clients. Don’t get caught slipping whatever you do, Wu-Tang Clan said it best, Protect Yo Neck!