pexels-photo-164474Hey What’s Up?!… Still doing your “DJ Thing” or What’s your “Real Job” may sound like questions that you’ve been asked before as a full-time entertainer.  I don’t think that most people realize that as DJ’s we often make more in 20 hours of labor than the average person makes in 40. Sure we may spend hours preparing in different ways, but it’s still a decent alternative to a traditional 9-5 job. There is one big difference that we need to consider though as independent contractors & business owners and that is a retirement plan. Don’t worry, as entrepreneurs we can have a retirement plan too, we just need to be more intentional about it. Taking the first steps to pay off any high interest debt such as personal loans & credit cards is the best way to start thinking long term and preparing to invest in your future.  As DJs, we can make some serious money, but are you trying to DJ in bars/clubs your whole life?  I’m guessing you answered No, but even if you answered Yes, there are many ways to get ahead of the game by saving & investing. CD’s (Certificate of Deposit), High Yield Savings Accounts, &  Money Markets Accounts are just some of the great short term investment options with limited risk and IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) are great for long term. As with anything, you must please do your research, speak to a professional, and find out what works best for you before making any final decisions. However, it’s ok to treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself, especially when it comes to your future. None of us are Forever Young!