Photo by ThisIsEngineering

Recently Facebooknamed their parent company Meta, an overarching business that stretches far beyond the means of a social media platform. Facebook has been more than a place for thoughts and pictures for sometime now, offering marketplaces, virtual events, gaming and more.

We have seen a sharp rise in virtual events due to a global pandemic shutting in person events down for months around the world. People have found new ways to connect with each other and this has propelled us towards the Metaverse. Not only can you interact with someone from around the world in real time, but you can also share experiences with that person. This is already happening with virtual watch parties and even social VR events. You can already set up a virtual room where your friends and fans can pull up and enjoy a shared experience from any device.

Photo by Areous Ahmad

Meta is less of a name change and more of a game changer. Meta contains many of the early building blocks of the Metaverse, an online realm intended to connect the masses in ways never done before.

It gets even cooler when you throw on a virtual reality headset in which you can literally DJ in the Metaverse. Just like with the internet, there are endless bounds, which means you can DJ in any environment. Want to throw a party on Pluto? Why not use the rings of Saturn as a turntable instead for your next event.

Major artists have already started performing in the Metaverse, which again stretches far beyond Meta. Fortnite has seen mainstream artists such as Ariana Grande perform on their cross-platform video game. Roblox also hosted a concert experience by Twenty One Pilots. You can also experience being court-side at a basket game or having front row seats at a concert all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Programs such as Tribe XR have partnered with Pioneer to give DJs familiar tools to help them spread their sounds throughout the Metaverse. It may seem farfetched at first, but so did Final Scratch to the the vinyl DJ. Electric cars seemed a thing of the future, now every major car manufacturer is scrambling to put out their line of EVs.

DJs took to Twitch, Mixcloud, Play.DJand other streaming platforms to connect with their fans online. Entertainment is one industry that continues to push the boundaries of technology, make a trip to Disney if you don’t believe me. Entertainers are already exploring the realm of virtual and augmented reality and Hollywood is hiring programmers by the boat loads. It’s inevitable that live events will take place within the Metaverse.

It’s also good to note that many online platforms and spaces are utilizing crypto as a means of currency. Most crypto is still in the early stages so grabbing some virtual coin early may set you up for ripe fruits down the road.

Are you ready to DJ in the Metaverse? Does change how we DJ for good? Let us know in the comments.