Many companies have been doing their part to provide the tools music creatives need to stay active during the indefinite lockdown. Serato added to the list of complimentary COVID resources you can download by making Serato Play ($29 USD) free for the month of May!

Serato Play is an expansion pack that allows you to DJ without any hardware. Any other expansion packs you have are full integrated into Serato Play so you are able to use Pitch ‘N Time, Flip, Serato Video and more just from your laptop. This gives DJs the power to create and sketch out ideas anywhere at anytime.

Majority of the world seems to be bunkered down at home but there are many that got caught up in the swift COVID storm and are displaced away from their homes and away from their equipment. Can you imagine being isolated somewhere with no way to create music?

Serato Play is also a great back up incase any of your equipment fails during a show, you can at least continue to mix. There is absolutely no reason to skip out on the opportunity to snag this great expansion pack for free. You can head here to grab Serato Play for free. Make sure to check out the video below for more about Serato Play.