DJ Setup w. Facade and Speakers

As a DJ you have probably invested time and money into gear, branding, music and more and it is important to remember exactly that, that you invested in these things. So when you arrive to a gig with a speaker and lighting system, it only makes sense to show it off in its best light. If you purchase a new suite or dress, you should make sure it is ironed or pressed if you are going to wear it out. Same principles should apply for your equipment by ensuring you have a clean and presentable set up. There are many ways to achieve picture perfect set ups with minimal additions.

Facades are great options to cover up any wiring behind your DJ booth and start at around $200USD. You can make one yourself if you are feeling handy for under a hundred dollars. If you need a less expensive option, table linens can be your best friend. Adding a pair of table linens ($10 or less each) should do just as good of a job at hiding cables underneath your DJ table, however you will still have to take some time to make sure the cables on top of your table look nice and neat. Zip ties and velcro strips are very affordable options that do a great job of keeping cables together.

Photo Credit: BHPhoto Video
Photo Credit: BHPhoto Video

Gaff tape wins the utility MVP award and you should always carry a few spare rolls with you. Not only can you use it to tape down and tidy up cables, but it’s also powerful tape, and tape is meant to fix things. Whether you forgot the pins to your speaker stands or need to tape down your computer from it being windy outside, you will find a use for Gaff tape.

We use the same equipment day in and out and sometimes our practice gear is also our gigging gear. There is nothing wrong with that, however everything experiences wear and tear. Take the time to clean and maintenance your gear every couple of months. Purchase an air duster to quickly clean the surfaces of your turntables, mixers and controllers. If it needs some extra loving, use a microfiber cloth. Just remember that your gear should be turned off if you use any wet material to clean.

A clean set up will always show your clients that you care enough to take the time to give yourself a professional appearance. Plus you never know who will catch the perfect shot of you in action so don’t have dust balls floating around on your gear. Let your gear look the way you should feel.

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