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What you output has a lot to do with where you are mixing your inputs. A DJ mixer is another essential component of your craft that a professional DJ cannot overlook. Today, we look at some of the best DJ mixer equipment you can buy in 2021.

Per DJ Producer Tech, the DJ mixer has a definitive function: to allow you to take multiple sources of audio, edit them individually, and deliver them in one merged output source. Much like DJ Controllers, DJ mixers allow you to mix your tracks. However, unlike DJ Controllers, they do not have platters built-in and instead require them to plug into one of the channels. Also, they do not always need DJ Software or a laptop to make tracks. But perhaps most importantly, a DJ Mixer allows you to mix music from different formats, from vinyl to beat pads to live guitar and more. 

Mixers are usually part of the setup at club gigs. So, if you want to work these types of gigs, it’s a good idea to understand how they work. Per Beatmatch Guru, a DJ Mixer usually has the following components:

· 2-4 channels

· EQ with a high, mid, and low per channel

· Channel effects control buttons for each input

· Overall Effects control buttons

· Crossfader to move between tracks quickly

Also, DJ Mixers have many different inputs and outputs, like:

 · USB 

· Microphone input

· Phono/line inputs

· Headphone output (with a Jack/mini-Jack)

· Master out

· MIDI output

· AC Mains

· Earth Ground Terminals

Of course, DJ mixers are not always a physical piece of equipment (or inedible, apparently). The YouTube DJ Mixer is a free online app that allows you to mix or mashup YouTube videos. The Oreo DJ Mixer is almost too strange to write about, honestly. The idea here is that you put cookies on the tech (which is a cardboard box), and it plays music. Take a bite of the cookie, and the song changes. Take a look for yourself:

The very strange but fun Oreo DJ Mixer…

When comparing DJ Mixer players, the cost is a definite factor. There is a wide price range. The more economical models have fewer features and adaptability. In contrast, the more robust (and expensive) models have additional features to give you more control over the individual outputs and the ability to plug into a laptop or connect it to DJ software.

5 Popular DJ Mixers in 2021 (in no particular order)

#1: Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

This version of the mixer replaced the 900NXS in 2016. Digital DJ Tips describes it as “the industry standard club mixer.” The 4-Channel 900NXS2 costs $2,200 and looks and operates like what you would expect from a Pioneer mixer. It weighs 17 pounds and is about 16 x 13”. Some of the improved features include a new Magvel fader, great for quick cuts while scratching, twin USBs for easy switches between laptops or other devices, two headphone sockets for both types of headphones, clip lights to indicate when you are maxing out the channel, and the USB FX send/return that allows for sending audio to an external effects unit, among others.

To read the full review of the 900NXS2, please click here.


#2: Allen & Heath Xone:96

To read everything DJ Tech had to say about the Xone:96, please click here.

DJ Tech Reviews calls the Allen & Heath Xone:96 the best club classic DJ Mixer. Priced also at $2,200, the Xone:96 is the same size as the 900NXS2 but weighs around 15 pounds. This popular mixer for DJs features an analog design for its 6 + 2 channel layout and comes with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 certification. Also, it features two independent USB connections that both have six stereo inputs and outputs. DJ Tech notes that the simple layout and internal sound card are definite Pros. Other features that reviewers like are the two independent headphone cueing systems and many Dual Xone VCF filters, along with crunch distortion, at your disposal.


#3: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

Consordini, a musical instruments information hub, describes Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol Z2 as “the best value for the money.” Priced at around $650, the Traktor Kontrol Z2 is an affordable option. At 16 pounds, this slightly larger DJ Mixer is 18 x 16 inches, giving you a more significant control surface. The Traktor Kontrol Z2 can be a standalone mixer or a hub for your controller-based setup. It comes with Traktor Pro 3 software and has built-in Macro FX controls, which means with one knob, you can adjust your special touches to your tracks. Also, you can use the two Remix Deck channels to shake things up on-site, and the premium backlit buttons and color-coded trigger pads to play loops, samples, and cues whenever you want. Other notable features include premium 24-bit soundcard, cirrus logic converters, and pro SLR outputs for optimal audio. 


#4: Reloop Elite

Consordini named the Reloop Elite “the best DJ mixer for battle” amongst DJ mixer players. Its performance mimics the Traktor Kontrol Z2; however, at around $1300, its price does not. The Elite weighs in at almost 17 pounds and is only slightly smaller than the PioneerNXS2 and the Xone:96. Developed by professional DJs and released in 2019, this DJ recording mixer comes with the full version of Serato DJ Pro, including the DVS Expansion Pack and two Serato control records with NoiseMap Technology. The Consordini list mentions the OLED display screens like a pro and the 16 brightly colored pads, but they also say the OLED screens tend to fail over time. Other features mentioned are:

  • The multiple headphone outputs.
  • Mic and line input with a 2-band EQ and echo.
  • A talk-over function.

Moreover, its robust construction means it can stand up to the rigors of touring. 

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#5: Numark Scratch

Digital DJ Tips calls the Numark Scratch “simple, nicely done, and loads of fun.” At around $499, it is an affordable DJ Mixer board that can connect to Serato and be a DVS mixer or as a standalone component to your setup. Numark launched this mixer a couple of years ago. It weighs around ten pounds and is a little under 1-foot square (12 x 9.5”). The Digital DJ Tips review describes the all-metal DJ mixer board as well-made. The reviewer also likes the clean layout and “the big fat filter knobs.”

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#6: Rane 72

Musicradar describes the Rane 72 as a DJ mixer that is “bridging the gap between traditional and DJ technology.” At around $1,3000, it’s not cheap, but it is a highly rated 2-channel DJ mixer board. Highly regarded for it’s great mix of analog and digital features, the Rane 72 is a battle mixer, built for scratch artists. The combination of the magnetic faders and cross faders, along with the MPC-style performance pads, makes it ideal for incorporating scratches into your mix. Also, the central touchscreen gives you access to each Serato deck’s waveform. In fact, Musicradar says that it is a combination DJ mixer, part analog, part controller for Serato DJ Pro.

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#7: Pioneer DJM-S11

Pioneer’s DJM-S11 is a Professional Scratch Style 2-channel DJ mixer that they say you can “turn it up to 11.” It retails at around $2,000 and is a 11 x 18, weighing in around 11.5 pounds. Like the Rane 72, the DJM S-11 is a battle mixer meant to replace the DJM-S9. The new features were designed to let DJ perform “more freely” with Serato DJ Por or rekordbox software. The 4.3-inch touch screen is customizable and has Touch MIDI so you can work in the software without working with the laptop. Pioneer also expanded the effects section to give you more options to add flavor to your gigs. Moreover, the larger performance pads make them easier to hit in battle. 

To read more about the features on the new Pioneer DJM-S11, please click here.


 Bonus Mention: Pioneer DJM-S9

The Pioneer DJM-S9 is the first 2-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. You can find it as low as $1,500 new, and even lower if you don’t mind buying it pre-owned. This pioneer DJ mixer is about the same size and weight as many on the list, at 11x 16 inches and about 10 pounds. It is also built for scratching. Pioneer used the DJM-2000NXS as the inspiration for the circuitry but designed the DJM-S9 to be “lean and mean.” This DJ recording mixer has Magvel Pro crossfader, pressure-sensitive performance pads, and FX button put more personalization into your performances.

For more of the specs, per Pioneer, about the DJM-S9, please click here.


DJ Mixers are an essential part of the setup. With their inputs, you can produce excellent output. Our list is not exhaustive; there are many fantastic DJ recording mixer brands out there. But whether you are exploring your music on a pioneer DJ mixer or mashing up videos on the YouTube DJ mixer online, your DJ mixer board should work well in your hands and your audiences’ ears.

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